The Rosary of Saint John Paul II

In 2002, Pope John Paul II did something characteristically bold and Holy Spirit-inspired.

He added five new mysteries to the Rosary, calling them the Mysteries of Light, or the Luminous Mysteries. And in his apostolic letter, Rosarium Virginis Mariae (The Rosary of the Virgin Mary), John Paul II also proposed a new method for praying the Rosary.

The Rosary of Saint John Paul II: Meditations, Prayers, and Practical Aids provides everything you'll need to apply John Paul II's groundbreaking method, to re-energize your Rosary, and to make this Lent your most fruitful one ever.

In the book, a thought-provoking excerpt from Rosarium Virginis Mariae introduces each set of Mysteries. Here is a portion of Saint John Paul II's introduction to the Sorrowful Mysteries – mysteries which have a special resonance during the season of Lent.

[from Page 65 of the booklet]

“The Sorrowful Mysteries help the believer to relive the death of Jesus, to stand at the foot of the Cross beside Mary, to enter with her into the depths of God’s love for man and to experience all its life-giving power.”

Magnificent sacred artwork then announces each Mystery. The object of the art is “to open up a scenario on which to focus our attention,” writes Saint John Paul II. A scriptural passage accompanies the announcement – the booklet provides ten verses per mystery so it can be used as a “scriptural rosary.”


Then ten simple reflections are provided – one for each Rosary bead in the decade – to further aid your contemplation of the Mystery.

“Wow. What an amazing read! I admit I’ve read a lot of boring books on the Rosary, and this was a breath of fresh air – an absolute joy to read and to use! The Rosary of Saint John Paul II is thoroughly informational and joyfully engaging. Whether you pray the Rosary already or have always wanted to, this book will enhance your devotion to Our Lady.”
Shaun A. McAfee, founder/editor of

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