Who is Jesus and The Life of Jesus 2-book set

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Who Is Jesus? His Life, His Land, His Times
This lovely book is full of interesting information and beautiful illustrations for children to learn everything about Jesus - his life, his land and his time. Some of the many fun and interesting questions this book answers include: Who were Jesus' grandparents? What was his house like? What did Jesus' disciples wear, and what did they eat? What did the Jerusalem Temple look like? What kind of fish did Peter catch in the Sea of Galilee? How did people pray back then? Why were Romans in the land of Jesus? What kind of trees grew along the roads that Jesus walked?

Just a few more things you’ll learn:

  • Do you know the difference between the four primary Jewish factions (and how the Scribes fit in)? (Pg. 50)
  • The significance and importance of all the woman who followed Jesus in the Gospels? (Pg. 56)
  • The meaning of the word “Apostle”? (Pg. 52)
  • Can you name/describe any of the important Jewish holidays/feast days? (Pg. 61)
  • What the Menorah is and what it is used for? (Pg. 81)
  • Why Jesus would always use sowers, shepherds, and agriculture in his parables? (Pg. 58)
  • Why Jews wouldn’t associate with foreigners–and it was not racism? (Pg. 43)
  • What it would have been like to follow the Law of Moses and be a Jew during Jesus’ time (including the 39 things which were forbidden on the Sabbath)? (Pg. 30 and 75)
  • What a Jewish burial, and what Jesus’ burial, would have been like? (Pg. 90)

The Life of Jesus According to Saint Luke
The Life of Jesus presents the Gospel according to Saint Luke, helping you to know Jesus better and encouraging you to develop a lifelong friendship with him. Additional text on each page gives insight into the Word of God and provides fascinating background about the times in which Jesus lived among us.

Just like Zacchaeus, hear Jesus calling to you,

"Today I must stay at your house."

Welcome him in! And you too will experience the adventure of faith!

Pages: 90+ each book
Format: Softcover

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