Surprised By Truth Apologetics Cruise CD

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Featuring talks by Patrick Madrid, Johnnette Benkovic, Carl Olson, and Bill & Bill and Marie Bellet
Apologetics, Evangelization, the “End-Times,” Family and Parenting Issues, Spirituality, and More! This exciting new tape series captures a full week of apologetics and evangelization talks given by several of today’s leading Catholic voices on these subjects.
Seminar Topics:
  1. “An Intro to Apologetics” (Madrid)
  2. “From Fundamentalist to Catholic” (Olson)
  3. “Soak in Prayer and Live the Sacraments” (Benkovic)
  4. “Surprised by Truth: Why Do People Become Catholic?” (Madrid)
  5. “Catholic Answers to Fundamentalist Claims” (Olson)
  6. “Lay it on Down: Forgiveness in Marriage” (the Bellets)
  7. “Embrace the Cross with Hope” (Benkovic)
  8. “Driven to Distraction” (the Bellets)
  9. “The Rap on the Rapture and the End-Times” (Olson)
  10. “Love One Another With Christ’s Love” (Benkovic)
  11. “Stump the Apologist: Open Forum Apologetics Q&A Session” (Madrid)
  12. “In All Things Practice Forgiveness” (Benkovic)
  13. “Pope Fiction: Answers to Myths and Misconceptions About the Papacy” (Madrid)
  14. “How to Spot Relationship Danger Signals” (the Bellets)
  15. “Rebuilding Family Relationships” (the Bellets)
  16. “Surprised by Truth Panel Discussion” (Madrid, Olson, Benkovic, the Bellets)


Special Notes:
16-CD audio set