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Summa Domestica: Order and Wonder in Family Life

Summa Domestica: Order and Wonder in Family Life

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"One of the best Catholic motherhood books I've ever read. I have been recommending this to all my mom friends! Husbands, your wife will be incredibly impressed if you get this as a gift for her."

--Clara the Holy Heroes Guide (read her complete review on the blog)


All at once lively, funny, calming, and complete, The Summa Domestica is an indispensable how-to book on making and keeping a home that will serve your family best. 

When Leila Lawler started out as a young wife and then became a mother, she had no idea how to keep a house, manage laundry, or plan and prepare meals, let alone entertain and inspire toddlers and select a curriculum to pass on the Faith.

Cue: hilarious and insightful reflections as Lawler reflects on learning how to be a wife and mother!

The Summa Domestica comprises three volumes: Home Culture, which delves into establishing a home and a vision for raising children; Education, which offers a philosophy for the primary vocation of parents to form their children and give them the means to learn on their own; and Housekeeping, which offers practical details for meals, laundry, and a reasonably clean and organized busy and thriving household.

Chapter titles include:

  • Good Judgement and "Living Differently"
  • How Do I Tell People We're Having Another Baby?
  • Competence Frees You from Drudgery
  • On Getting to Know Your Newborn
  • Postpartum and the Perfectionist Mom
  • Steady Reading Progress without Parental Panic
  • Ask Auntie Leila: Are Fairy Tales Always Appropriate?
  • Plus--hundreds more!

Beautifully packaged as a 3-volume set, Lawler's writing is organized in short chapters (making it easy to read in small spurts of time) accompanied by endearing illustrations. Not only will you enjoy reading these 3 volumes, but they will be a beautiful addition to your bookshelf.  


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