My Path to Heaven AND Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories

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A Young Person's Guide to the Faith

My Path to Heaven is an old-fashioned "retreat-in-a-book" that helps Catholic children, ages 9-12, ponder the truths of the Faith and calls them to live lives of holiness in accordance with those truths.

Based on the traditional St. Ignatius retreat (trusted by Catholics for centuries) and adapted for children, this clear, simple, thoughtful presentation of the Faith is invaluable for parents seeking to form their children in holiness.

My Path to Heaven covers such essentials of the Faith as God s will, angels, Heaven and Hell, the Fall of man, the Holy Trinity, the Incarnation, the Nativity, the Passion, salvation, the sacraments, faith, hope, love, and contrition, and it teaches children the relevance of these truths in their lives and in the decisions they make.

This book is wonderful to read!

Each story in Read Aloud Book of Bible Stories is just the right length for little children, and they are related by a master storyteller. Holds the attention of even the most restless child. Your children (and grandchildren!) will marvel at the Old Testament stories, the prophesies of the coming Savior, be charmed by the gentle goodness of Jesus' boyhood, and be dazzled by the scores of miracles that proved He is the Messiah coming to save Israel … and all of us, too!

Continuing with stories about events after the Resurrection, you'll be able to bring your children along with Peter, Paul, and the Apostles as they carry the Good News to the ends of the earth, and then get a glimpse, with St. John, of the marvels promised for the end of time!

You will be so glad that you added this book to your collection--just as so many parents have for a century!

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