The Mentor's Handbook: How to Form Boys into Inspiring and Capable Men

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Dads: have this at your fingertips when you raise your sons!

"An instruction manual whose every sentence speaks solid, strong, clear advice on how to make boys into men."
--Dr. Anthony Esolen

How can we teach our boys to become real men? Countless adults today lament the loss of our culture's young men to drugs and debauchery, to drunkenness, video games, and pornography.

From young women, too, the cry goes up: today's boys will never be fit to be husbands and fathers!

Blaming boys is not the solution. Men are the solution--and it is easier than you think!

To be precise, men who help boys become the real men they are supposed to be.

Fr. Peter Michael Henry explains the process in which boys become men...or retreat into never-ending adolescence...based on decades of experience with boys and fathers and men who act as fathers when there is no father in the home.

Using history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and Sacred Scripture and a large dose of age-old common sense (yes!) Fr. Henry instructs every man who is a dad, grandfather, uncle, coach, teacher, or youth minister how to raise up even unruly boys into the heroic, virtuous real men our world so desperately needs.

Father Henry lays it out methodically (in a way other men will grasp and act upon):
* What the situation is in today's world--and the surprising places negative influences have crept
* Why boys just feel like giving up--and don't know where to turn for what they are looking for
* The characteristics of a mentor--and how to express them
* The external factors you must consider--and the internal factors that are often overlooked
* The mentoring process step-by-step
* His "See You on the Other Side" list of guidelines for young men (just what boys want to have handy!)
* And much more!

Moms: This is a perfect companion to Raising Chaste Catholic Men

Author: Fr. Peter M. Henry
Paperback, 217 pages