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Sacrifice Manger Craft (5-Pack)

Sacrifice Manger Craft (5-Pack)

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A perfect craft for classrooms and Faith Formation students!

As a Kindergarten catechist or a Director of Faith Formation, you know how important it is to engage children in meaningful activities that bring the beauty of Advent to life. Our Holy Heroes Sacrifice Manger Craft has consistently proven to be a hit among students, providing a tangible and relatable experience that encourages their active participation!

Cut out and build your own Sacrifice Manger this Advent. Once it is constructed, have kids begin adding one piece of straw (or yarn!) to their manger each time they make a sacrifice. Then, see how soft a bed they can make to welcome Baby Jesus on Christmas morning. 

This is a great way for kids to prepare their hearts and minds for Christmas! 

Manger sheet measures 16 x 10.5 inches

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