Way of the Cross Wall Hanging

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Handcrafted by local artist!

You have Advent and Christmas decor that signals to your family the liturgical season, but do you have a special decor for Lent? What about special handmade decor?

Sure to become a tradition, hang this Way of the Cross Wall Hanging each Ash Wednesday to signal to your family (and guests!) that this is a time of somber reflection and prayer in your home. 

"Absolutely stunning. This is such a great addition to our Lenten decor."


"Absolutely beautiful and just what I have been looking for for many years. Thank you so much."


This handmade wall hanging features the 14 stations on silver oxidized plaques (1 1/8 inch dia. each) made in Italy and hand-glued to two solid pine planks, hand-painted and attached together with lovely wording to assist your mind in focusing on the Way of Jesus to Calvary. 

  • 18 inches width by 12 inches height
  • Easily disassembles for storage