The How To Book of Catholic Devotions

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MUST-HAVE resource in every Catholic home!
(Kids--and parents!) will pick this up to browse, and it will become the go-to book for all Scapulars, pilgrimages, fasting and abstinence, the Rosary, prayer, sacred images — the number of Catholic devotions can be overwhelming!

Do you know...
How to pray with Sacred Images?

How to do Spiritual Reading?

How to "offer it up"?

How to use a vigil candle?

How to practice "mental prayer"?

How to help the dying?

In over 200 pages, this book covers dozens of prayers and practices in short and concise ways, making it easy for Catholic both new and old! Psst--this is an especially great gift for NEW Catholics!

Learn about these subjects and many more, along with the graces and blessings associated with them, in

The How-To-Book of Catholic Devotions.