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Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal

Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal

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The Holy Heroes Spiritual Diary is a perfect gift for anyone pre-teen & up! (Hint: that includes YOU!)

We are so excited to bring back one of our best-selling products–so excited that we are offering a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee!

Please–try it out, and If it doesn’t improve your prayer life, then just return it to us in any condition (used, unused, torn, dirty, or ripped!) within 30-days. We’ll refund your purchase price, no questions asked.

You see: this was a huge best-seller for us in the first 3 editions, then we surveyed hundreds of users to learn what they liked the most and what they disliked, what they would improve, and what they would definitely keep–and we kept what they liked, removed what they didn’t like or which just didn’t work, and incorporated the best suggestions!

Voila! This new and improved edition is the perfect addition to your family’s prayer life.

FIRST: our Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal is packed with the help you need to

  • RECOLLECT yourself for prayer,
  • REMIND yourself of those people and intentions you need to pray for,
  • and RESTORE yourself to the rhythm of the God’s plan for you in the Liturgical year and your state in life.

It is flexible to fit your own prayer “style” and state in life, but it will also challenge you with practices the saints have proven to raise your soul to God’s transforming love.

You’ll find pages for:

  • “How to Use the Spiritual Journal” (with tips from previous users)
  • Traditional prayers for morning, midday, and nighttime
  • A step-by-step daily Daily Examen based on the method of Saint Ignatius Loyola
  • Prayer lists for people you know, people you don’t know, and prayer intentions (and–because children asked for it–space for “God’s Answer,” because they know sometimes He does not give us what we want, because it is not what we need)
  • A short examination of conscience and step-by-step guide for Confession–with tear out pages to bring with you into the Confessional (children asked for this…but we adults use them, too) (Find refill pages here!)

Then, the “meat” of the Journal are the pages for each day, with handy checkboxes and lines to record some of your ordinary practices, such as whether you’ve prayed the Rosary (and how many decades) that day or gone to Mass or Confession. These pages are not dated, so you can use as many pages as you need for each day, and you can skip days without wasting any pages.

Here’s what is truly unique and helpful–the most-asked for improvement:

The Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal has a pocket in the back for holding your other prayer aids, and each Journal comes with four “Prayer Prompt” cards to help you at the start and end of your days to focus on what the Church asks of us during different liturgical seasons. Simply select the “Prayer Prompt” card that matches the current season and select from the prompts the ones that best help you during the day. Whether you like to pray at the beginning of the day or end of the day, or both, these “prompt cards” will help–one side is for morning, the other for the evening!

You can also buy the "prayer prompt" cards separately!

Then: Add your own Holy Cards or prayer booklets to the pocket–so everything is together in one spot!

Read below what parents have told us about the Holy Heroes Spiritual Journal:

My now 14 year old daughter LOVES these journals. She is loves to write, is creative AND has a great devotion to Mary and the Catholic faith. This journal helps her to be expressive and still practice her faith devoutly.

I highly recommend these journals. I’m glad I also re-ordered to get one for myself! The journals improved our daily prayer immediately on Day One, and has given us a concrete reminder to think on our blessings, examine our consciences, and other important things each day.

Ordered one a week ago to try it out… all of my children really liked it so I I ordered one for each of them (and for ME!)!

Excellent! I am on my third set of these wonderful journals for my children–ages 8-13.

I’m excited to start the Spiritual Journal with my children, and I think I’ll be getting one for myself.

My oldest children are excited to get new spiritual [journals]. They really enjoyed the last set we got. I think it really helps them grow spiritually. I love that it has a daily examination of conscience.

Great source for spiritual food in kids. Hard to find Catholic things like this.

We are so confident these Journals will help your prayer life, that we guarantee it, or simply return it for your money back!

Try it–you’ll like it! (And, please pray for us!)


Product Details

64 pages, 6-1/2 x 9 inches,
Coil-bound to lay flat
**Great thing!** Inside back pocket for your cards, novenas, whatever!
Includes 4 "Prayer Prompt Cards" for Ordinary Time, Advent/Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

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